About US

We’re a team of creatives who are excited about new ideas and unique mutual opportunities.


Digital transformation is often mired with various organisational issues of cultural dissonance, legacy technologies and inefficient processes etc. Overall only upto 30% of digital transformations ever succeed in achieving their objectives. Our mission is to turn this tide around and offer services in handling these transformations and taking them to their stated goals and objectives.


At the center of all our thoughts, is the philosophy that we are all connected through various energies and ‘vybrations’. Belief that they can be tapped if we allow ourselves to open up and be receptive to various kinds of inputs. Because we believe most of the pain points in problem solving are often very difficult to express and communicate in the simple languages we are used to.


Constant learning is what defines our culture. We are 24/7 plugged in people, tracking every newest development in the industry and experimenting with the latest cooltech. This learning mindset enables us to stay ahead of our clients’ needs and come up with creative ideas for problem statements which are not even part of the roadmap. We are proactive and always thinking about our customers with a learning mindset. 

We also encourage everyone in our team to think from a customer and product mindset to enable better growth. We promote open exchange of ideas, respectful disagreements along with a safe workplace. 

We promote equal opportunities and pay to everyone irrespective of any bias of gender, race or ethnicity. We strongly focus on the skills people bring to the table.


A Team That Works As Your Team

Sameer Mathad
Founder, CEO

Sameer is a multi faceted personality with diverse experiences in Product Development, Design and Delivery. As a business analyst and Product Manager in various roles, Sameer has helped build various customer facing platforms focusing on customer experience and delight. Building is a passion and aims to help organisations transform digitally by focusing on innovation!

VP, Sales & Marketing

Sundaresh is a metrics driven individual and has extensive experience in DevOps and Cloud platform engineering. As a DevOps practitioner and leader, he has led several DevOps transformations and helped teams to implement CI/CD best practices. He is also the founder and president of Naktra LLC


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